Embroidery and guipure are a very important element of our offer. Embroidery allows you to add unusual nobility to your products. In our warehouse we offer a very wide selection of embroidery. To familiarize yourself with the assortment that is available, it is best to make an appointment with our representative. We encourage you to contact us. Of course, we are able to bring any range to your order. Only the imagination limits us. Because we have been operating on the market of embroidery and lace for over a dozen years, we know very well where to bring the best quality products, so that your final product really delighted. We are not just a wholesaler of embroidery and guipure. We are a trading partner of large companies in the industry, for some of them we are an exclusive representative on the markets of Poland and parts of Europe. We are also passionate about creating new interesting things with their help.

Embroidery for the production of COMMUNION DRESSES

Embroidery for the production of WEDDING DRESSES



Below we present a handful of inspirations - examples of using embroidery. But as we said above, we are able to get virtually any embroidery for you, in any quantity. We invite you to contact our representatives.